OTR SWAG CAST Season 4 – Episode 5

“SciFi Thursday with the CBS Radio Workshop!”

Merchandising Venus’ assests and Earth’s Green Hills star warp us tonight on the SwagCast! Can you say Robert Henlein, Cyril M. Kornbluth “C.M.”, and Frederik Pohl??? Set phasers on stun get that star drive in gear- there’s Sc-Fi OTR to be had this night!

OTR ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉


Music in this ep provided by: Stevie K. Farnaby (AKA SKiFfle) and Seraphic Panoply

And also of NOTE! This show is rated PG for parental guidance. Thanks Jack/Shan and Jeremy!! For more info: http://theaudiodramadirectory.com/ratings/

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