OTR SWAG CAST Season 3 – Episode 20

“Texas Scribe Thursday”

Being as my original Fantasy Audio Drama “The Saga of the Grog and Gryphon” returns today, and the fact that I live in west Texas, home to my favorite author of all things barbaric and fantasy, I thought it appropriate that the Swag Cast lend it’s audio to Power Records this groovy night and check out a warrior from the north who trod the lands, broadsword at his side and blood lust in his heart, under his sandaled feet … Even threw in a surprise sure to warm the hearts of all who battle in the northern realms… I am going to ask that Jesse doesn’t pimp this episode of fantasy Audio Drama at the SwagCast as we battle Set’s serpents at the Sea; for they canst be right bit nasty…

For foul Corbies be in the air, and methinks that all shouldst hear the glory and enjoy a tankard whilst listening without having to spill thine grog pon’ the floor as thou battles the Raywal (spell it backwards or listen to the Grog and Gryphon ep 9) Hordes of the audio realms…

Did I mention my opinion of P.D.? Pay heed Raywal, I never said the WORD…

OTR ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music in this ep provided by: Stevie K. Farnaby (AKA SKiFfle) and Seraphic Panoply

And also of NOTE! This show is rated PG for parental guidance. Thanks Jack/Shan and Jeremy!! For more info: http://theaudiodramadirectory.com/ratings/

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