OTR SWAG CAST Season 3 – Episode 9 – Part 1


In order to keep mixing both Swag Cast and my other productions part 1 will be released this week and part 2 next week, both will fir onto a CD. Life has become very bizzy and I don’t want to slack on my shows and production but the multiple weekly releases have become too much for now on Swag. That said the show will go ON!

It’s off with “Raymond” tonight as we see the downside to a Bog Oak Necklace by way of Skeleton Bay!

Yep-the creepy INNER SANCTUM graces the Swag Cast tonight!

To top it all off, an interview with the creator!

Oh, did I mention Emma and John are getting tired of Too Many Olés?

OTR ROX!!!!!

Music in this ep provided by: Stevie K. Farnaby (AKA SKiFfle) and Seraphic Panoply

And also of NOTE! This show is rated PG for parental guidance. Thanks Jack/Shan and Jeremy!! For more info: http://theaudiodramadirectory.com/ratings/

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