Episode 6 – The Codinar Crusade

Welcome back, friends, warriors and wizards, dragons and dwarves, to Season 2 of the Saga of the Grog and Gryphon tavern!

Tonight we return to witness the attack of the Lycanna on Garulk, Murrai the Goblin and Octavia at the Grog and Gryphon tavern itself. Arullia Swordcleaver attacks a sea serpent alone on the river Stygiar even as Olaff and DeV’ralto devise a mad plan to assist her. Reyna the Red springs into action when a hellish sea beast attempts to eat her pirate galleon, “The Lady Wrath.” More of the history of Silverr-O, Elder of the Pack of the Pure as the Amazonia continue their Goddess’ Quest. Meanwhile, Bane Renbourne treks across the frozen wastes to seek an answer to the riddle of the Codinar Prophecy and how it ties to the wizard Alganoir – still crucified to the Crystal Keep of the Magi…

Another tale of Honor, blood and betrayal in the Saga of the Grog & Gryphon…

So Hoist a Tankard and Join the Quest!

The Actors in this production were:
Gina Hollweg as Arullia Swordcleaver Amazonian Warrioress
Fiona Conn as Acetegan, The Mage of Wight
Amanda Fitzwater as Octavia
John Dane as DeV’ralto
Natasha Lathrop as Reyna the Red & various Amazonian Warriors
Mark Kalita as the Lycanna Changling: Bane Renbourne
Paul Mannering as Olaff Houndsmaw
Rob Northrup as the Goblin Murrai
Gareth Preston as Alganoir
Bill Hollweg as Garulk the Barbarian
Brian McCleary as Silver Eye
James Freeman as various Werewolves
Colin Snow as various werewolves
Ann Lysic as Queen Dragonsmite & as the Serpent Wizard #2
Damaris Mannering as Alithia
Robin Carsile as Halbarda Hammerwar & various Amazonian Warriors
Rachel Monroe as Adra Wrathblade & various Amazonian Warriors
Josh Royston as Rordor
Adam Lederhos as Duro Dun Miles Reid as the Serpent Wizard #1
Douglys of Howl-O as Silverr-O < Elder of the Lupisians>

The music for tonight’s tale was provided by:
My wife Gina Hollweg and Suzi Lindly of RoseMadder for their song, “Descending.” Special thanks!
Peter Wicks of westlake films, check out his symphonic masterpieces at the westlake films website.

The Renn Faire bands heard in tonights tale are as follows:
The Brobdnagian Bards, check out : http://www.thebards.net
Cantiga , Go to http://www.cantigamusic.com and check them out!!!
And Howl-O, Check them out at www.howl-o.com
Oakman’s Dreamland Check out his music at Oakman’s Dreamland on soundclick dot com!!!
Devin Anderson, podsafeaudio.com

The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 Should be Accompanied by an Adult). For more info:

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