Episode 5 – The Storm Approaches

The serpent wizards of Bargrador attack Acetegan this dark night, as well as the Lycanna and Rordor himself lay siege to the Grog! The Orlaq plan for attack on Balladonna’s Tercian Citidel while she conspires both with and against Bane Renbourne! And our heroes aboard the Lady Wrath, Reyna the Red, DeV’ralto, Arullia Swordcleaverand Olaff come face to face with a nightmare while sailing the river Stigiar…

The Actors in this production were:
-Fiona Conn as Acetegan, The Mage of Wight
-Pamela Dane as Octavia
-John Dane as DeV’ralto
-Gina Hollweg as Arullia Swordcleaver Amazonian Warrioress
-Natasha Lathrop as Reyna the Red and the Blood Queen of Tercia- Belladonna
-Mark Kalita as the Lycanna Changling: Bane Renbourne
-Paul Mannering as Olaff Houndsmaw
-Rob Northrup as the Goblin – Murrai
-Bill Hollweg as Garulk the Barbarian, and assorted eunuchs

The music for tonight’s tale was provided by:
Peter Wicks of westlake films, check out his symphonic masterpieces at the westlake films website.

The Renn Faire bands heard in tonights tale are as follows:
The Brobdnagian Bards, check out : http://www.thebards.net
Cantiga , Go to http://www.cantigamusic.com and check them out!!!
And Howl-O, Check them out at www.howl-o.com
Oakman’s Dreamland Check out his music at Oakman’s Dreamland on soundclick dot com!!!
Devin Anderson, podsafeaudio.com

The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 Should be Accompanied by an Adult). For more info:

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