Based on the famous British TV series starring Patrick McGoohan.

Once upon a time there was a land called The Sixties, where brave men and women fought a new kind of campaign, a secret war of deception, diplomacy and sometimes murder. But many learned that in this conflict it was hard to tell who were the real enemy. That they did not even know how many factions were involved in the war.

Then there was The Village. A sinister Shangri-La for people too dangerous to be allowed freedom. A place without names. The heart of an authority that used ruthless mental conditioning and torture to rule with absolute control.

One man was brought to the island who refused to submit. His battle was long and hard, but eventually he escaped and The Village was destroyed. That’s a version of the story. One for comforting children.

BrokenSea Audio Productions is proudly dedicating this series to the memory of Patrick McGoohan.

NOTE! This show is rated PG-13 for parental guidance 13. For more info: http://theaudiodramadirectory.com/ratings/

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