Kapokalypse Now — A Sounding Board Parody – Part 1

Ten years in the making…BrokenSea Audio Productions celebrates its decade anniversary with this deluxe two-part episode of its popular “Sounding Board” comedy series. Based on the epic 1979 film, this hilarious audio parody chronicles Captain Bill Hollweg’s journey into the heart of darkness as he uncovers the mystery behind the audio cult leader known as Colonel MAK. Prepare yourself for the horror…and the pigeons. This audio drama was adapted and seriously twisted by Paul Mannering & Mark Kalita from the original “Apocalypse Now” script by John Milius & Francis Ford Coppola. Oh yeah, in case you didn’t understand the title…”kapok” is the most common name for the tropical ceiba pentandra tree and can also refer to the cotton-like fluff obtained from its seed pods (that was Paul being clever).

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