Episode 13

This was going to be the final episode, but the script was so large that I separated it into 2 parts. Here is the OFFICIAL second to last episode of Planet of the Apes…Taylor, Nova, Zira, Cornelius and Lucius face down Dr Zaius and his Gorilla squad on the steps of Cornelius’ cave… Who will flinch first in this post apocalyptic stand-off? While back in Ape city Ursus, still enraged over the abomination perpetrated on his fellow gorillas by the unknown mutant forces of the Forbidden Zone, sets upon a course of action that will have dire consequences for the future of apekind… And what of these unknown mutants, these ghosts of the Forbidden Zone? Join us for this action packed episode!

Starring in this Episode are:
Mark Kalita as Cornelius and the Lawgiver
Bill Hollweg as Taylor
Natasha Lathrop as Dr. Zira
Gareth Preston as Dr Zaius
Colin Snow Gorilla #1
Steven J. Cohen as Gorilla #2
Bill Hollweg as other Gorillas
Paul Mannering as Ursus
Jack Ward as Mendez and
Shannon Hilche as Albinia of the Sonic Society
Ben Martin as Otello
James Leeper as Casius
And my Granddaughters:
Draven Schoberg and Caira Greenfield as the singing Mutant Children…

And We have some SPECIAL GUEST voice actors in tonight’s episode!
From the POTAyahoo group, who ROCK!
Glen Witco Scheetz as Lucius
Check out Glen’s AWESOME art at the POTAyahoo group! Check out the site!!!

And our Second Special Guest
I would also like to thank James of The Lessons From the Lawgiver for tonight’s AWESOME LESSON
– Written by Glen Scheetz!!!!

To all who are a part of this production or one of the LISTENERS and my fellow Holligans at BrokenSea- I thank you and am humbled by your continued support of this audio dream of mine!

Thank You!

Written, directed and produced by Bill Hollweg.

NOTE! This show is rated PG-13 for parental guidance 13. Thanks Jack/Shan and Jeremy!! For more info: http://theaudiodramadirectory.com/ratings/

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