Some Fan Art …

Jake Sampson Artwork by MadMikeyD
Artwork by By MadMikeyD

We just received the above fan art from a fan. Many thanks Mikey. Receiving artwork like this for one of our original shows is considered a real compliment. Thank You.

As I listen to the previous Jake Sampson episodes, I’m excited about new episodes on the way.

While listening to “Gods of War” I got a vivid picture in my head of the main characters, as should happen with all great audio drama. This is as close as my art skills would allow me to get. My interpretation of Jake Sampson, Texas Holdem, and Lucy Carter, shadowed by the evil Fu Manchu, of course.

Audio Newbie

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6 Responses to Some Fan Art …

  1. MadMikeyD says:

    I’m honored you liked it enough to post it. This is a great, fun show. Thanks to involved for creating such an enjoyable audio drama.

  2. Bill Hollweg says:

    Just honored that you listen amigo!
    And thanks again for the groovy ART!

  3. jay says:

    when will new episodes be released?

  4. Bill Hollweg says:

    Soon as all the lines get sent to me, will move the next Adventure into Production-
    “The Horn of Valhalla”. Still have a few to collect. Thanks for lending an ear and sorry for the long wait my friend!


  5. robin reisig says:

    Really enjoy all the stuff you all do. Please do lots more.

  6. Thank you so much for the kind words Robin!

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