The River of Woe Episode 2

Jake and Tex find themselves stuck indoors while Lucy finds herself in a bind…quite literally. What new information will Father Donnigan shed on their situation and what of this Sharya that has frightened his congregation? Is he friend or foe? Will he be able to shed any light on the River of Woe?

Mark Kalita as Jake Sampson
Bill Hollweg as Texas Holdem
Natasha Lathrop as Lucy Carter
Doug Mannlen as Boto
David Maciver as Harris
Alan Spencer as Father Donnigan
Elie Hirschman as The Announcer

Some music in this episode provided by the Podsafe Music Network. Artists as follows :
Macedonia – Boom Boom Becket
Transcendence of the Ancient Ones – Joe Mejer

The Jake Sampson Theme is Gloomy Sunday, written by Rezs? Seress, performed by Artie Shaw and his Orchestra

NOTE! This show is rated PG for parental guidance. Thanks Jack/Shan and Jeremy!! For more info:

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