The Hyborean Gate – Episode 5

The beast seeks to retrieve a magical artifact and will destroy all in its path to get it. Can Jake prevent the creature from its deadly rampage…and at what cost?

Jake Sampson includes the Voice Talents of:
Jake Sampson: Mark Kalita
Lucy Carter: Natasha Lathrop
Texas Holdem: Bill Hollweg
Robert E. Howard: Perry Whittle
Announcer: Elie Hirschman
Signore Tolleni: Garry Cobbum
Dr. Watson: Paul Mannering
Billy-Joe Parker: Zack Fester
Sadie: Gina Hollweg
Hartford: David Sobkowiak

Written by Paul Mannering and Mark Kalita

Produced by Mark Kalita and David Sobkowiak

NOTE! This show is rated PG for parental guidance. Thanks Jack/Shan and Jeremy!! For more info:

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