FEEDBACK: A HERO’S CALLING S02E06 – Daddy’s Little Girl

by Alan White
Feedback grapples with the consequences of the zombie upsurge in Seattle … meanwhile John Blackthorn’s daughter comes to Tech Support and she’s bringing a world of hurt with her.
Your featured players are;
Matthew Burden as the PRIEST
Betsy Goodrich as DANGERWOMAN
Brandon Cole as FREAKOPAEDIA
Zack Fester as CODEC
Steve Hykes as ARCHIVE
Elie Hirschman as CONSOLE
Elizabeth Delaney as AMBER
Paeter Frandsen as PRE-FETCH
Steve Anderson as Alexander FORTHRIGHT
Matt Atherton as FEEDBACK
Sarah Blevins as SARAH
Keith Cunningham as BLUE STREAK
Steeven Orr as KENNET and as Michael BARTON
Steven Jay Cohen as FIREWALL
Craig L Dye as REBOOT
Kim Gianopoulos as K2
Tim O’Donnell as BACK-UP
Cheryl Cunningham as JULIA
C. Alexandra Schwarz as COURTNEY
Mark Kalita as BLACKTHORN
Mike Sims as ROUTER
Featured are the character concepts created by Matthew Atherton and Sarah Blevins
Post-production done by Alan White
Original Scores;
“After The War” & “Glacial Epoch” by Victor Stellar, found @ Podsafe Audio
“Soundtrack to Angel #3″ & “Winter & The Sound of Nothing” by Sara Ayers
“Defuse What (Mercury & The Murd)” used by permission from composer Shawn Pryor of
Feedback’s theme, “My Calling” was written and performed by Jeffrey Wayne Kirkpatrick.
Series’ original score by David A. Krause. You can find David’s music compositions for “A Hero’s Calling” at

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4 Responses to FEEDBACK: A HERO’S CALLING S02E06 – Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. Larry J. Renfro says:

    For this episode and the next there is no dowqnload button, how frustrating, just as I am starting to catch back up. I hope there are plans to rectify this in the near future. Please….. pretty please………aaaahhhh come on guys!

  2. Larry J. Renfro says:

    Sure would like to dowload this…..Hint……Hint……Hint:>)

  3. Alan says:

    Should be online soon! So2E07 will take a day or so. Thanks for hanging in there!

  4. stevie says:

    Hiya Folks,

    This Episode is now back online again !


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