Feedback: A Hero’s Calling Episode #6: “What was Lost”

written by Kim Gianopoulos, Alan White, C. Alexandria Schwarz,
and Richard Brooks II.
Feedback and Tech Support scramble to find a cure for their stricken friend and teammate Tom, but the answer may lead to the most devastating weapon of all – Sarah!! Can Feedback survive the most soul-crushing challenge of his life?
Featured in this episode were the voice-acting talents of
Mike Winters as TOM
Elie Hirschman as CONSOLE
Mark Kalita as BLACKTHORN
Kim Gianopoulos as K2
Andrey Kuznetsov as REBOOT
Tanner Karns as ROUTER
C. Alexandra Schwartz as COURTNEY
Tim O’Donnell as BACK-UP
Paeter Frandsen as PRE-FETCH
Rebecca Pryor as Forthright’s RECEPTIONIST
Richard Brooks II as BROOKS
Robin Carlisle as DRAGONRYDER
MJ Cogburn as WOLF-GIRL
Phill Moxley as EMERALD KNIGHT
Steve Hykes as ARCHIVE
Rich Frost as MAINFRAME
Adam Ledzion as ADAM/ARC
Brandon Cole as FREAKOPAEDIA
Bruce Busby as The CONCIERGE
Jeffrey Kirkpatrick as CLUSTER
David A. Krause as NICK RICHARDSON
Alan White as CHATHAM
And our special guest stars,
Tonya Kay herself, performing as CREATURE! You can follow the continuing adventures of CREATURE as well as follow the poi-spinning career of Tonya Kay at
Scott Hinze from joining our cast as FIREWALL
As always, but especially in this performance, we were honored and privileged to have Matthew Atherton and Sarah Blevins filling the roles of our heroes FEEDBACK and his amazing wife SARAH.
Kingdon Hearts is copywritten 2002 by SQUARE CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Gamescreen FX obtained from The Kingdom Hearts game powers borrowed in this production were done in the same manner that Our Hero borrows them – for good and not for evil!
Original Score by David A. Krause. You can find David’s music compositions for “A Hero’s Calling” at
Post production was done by Alan White.
We also would like to extend a hearty congratulations to “Who Wants To Be A Superhero’s” newest Next Great Superhero, Jarrett Crippen – aka “The Defuser!!” You can find him on MySpace at!

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