Betaflight: Episode #1: “Sow The Wind”

March 13th, 2008 by DaSOB in Show
Written by Alan White, Zack Fester, Ted Ricca, and Adam Ledzion
At Tech Support HQ, the BetaScope has detected a protosignal at the location of the latest of a string of tornadoes which ended with unusually quick terminations. Is the new super a weather wrangler? Beta Flight is sent to find out … but they are not prepared for what they will find!
Cast of Characters;
Rich Frost as Mainframe
Robin Carlisle as Dragonryder
Damaris Mannering as Shadow Sword
Rachel Steiner as Angelus
Phillip Moxley as Emerald Knight
Brent Terrien as Pure V
Ted Ricca as Blue Streak
MJ Cogburn as Wolf-Girl
Kim Gianopoulos as Dr. Krystle Karroux
Mark Kalita as John Blackthorn
Tanner Karns as Router
Adam Ledzion as Adam
David Maciver as Robert
April Sadowski as Charlene
Victoria Gianopoulos as Effie
Mike Winters as Kyle
Alexa Chipman, April Sadowski, Caith Donovan as The Students
Caith Donovan as Postal Clerk
Laura Frechette As Steel Wing
David Maciver as Devil Lash
Jeremiah McCoy as Genzo the Harpist
Zack Fester as Gridlock
Paeter Frandsen as Xanatos
with your announcer, Steven Jay Cohen
The music featured in this episode;
“Dies Irae” by Hamilton Cleverdon, found at
“El Vampiro” by Dr. Synister found at
and as Beta Flight’s theme song, “No Compromise” by Pitbull Daycare
Permission obtained by Ken McLaughlin

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