In association with Alan White and Tech Support, BrokenSea Audio Productions is proud to be the new home to, and proudly present…


“Every morning, I wake up to a mechanical alarm clock, put on my dampening suit, and cross my fingers that the game I’m about to play is going to be the “right” one. If I don’t, two things happen. One, my feedback field remains active and I fry every electronic piece of equipment within 30 feet of me. And two, I will have no superpowers to save the world.

“My name is Feedback, and these are my stories.

“Before the explosion that infused my body with the feedback field, I was simply a computer scientist and a little out of touch with computer games. That’s where a remarkable group of people known as Tech Support comes in. They assess my missions, supply me with the games I need, monitor my progress, and patch me up — because the greater the intensity at which I use the powers, the faster they dissipate.

“What I haven’t told you is …if I use a game ability, I lose a memory. Every act of heroism that requires these powers is a conscious choice to lose part of who I am. Sometimes that isn’t easy to do.

“But what other choice do I have?

The world needs a hero.”

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