New Audio Thursday – 16/08/12 – “Dino” Thursday …

I hope this post finds you well and that you’re ready to enjoy some great audio!

This evening we have a special OTR Recreation, as part of a brand new OTR Swagcast (Guest hosted by none other than Lothar Topan). Described by Oncle Bill as “A Pulp filled tale of Time Travel, Big Game Hunting, and of course DINOSAURS!” :-

OTR SwagCast
X-1’s “A Gun For Dinosaur”

And here are a few more OTR Swagcasts freshly dusted off from the BSAP Vaults :-

OTR SwagCast Season 1 – Episode 16

OTR SwagCast Season 1 – Episode 17

OTR SwagCast Season 1 – Episode 18

Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy making ….


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One Response to New Audio Thursday – 16/08/12 – “Dino” Thursday …

  1. Bill Hollweg says:

    Our BrokenSea version of Gun for Dinosaur was just on the radio at Sound Affects!


    Feature Presentation – BrokenSea Audio presents a recreation of an X-Minus One story from the 1950s. A Gun For Dinosaur, by L. Sprague de Camp. It’s about a fellow who leads hunting expeditions back into the Jurassic period, to bring back heads of dinosaurs. Two men go on the hunt, and one of them does not follow the rules, with disastrous results. It’s a terrific production and includes all the X-Minus One introduction. Great stuff.

    Selected Shorts – Sketches from “Another Monty Python Record”. Just because we don’t do this very often.

    Geek Partnership Society garage sale – Saturday, Sept. 15, 9AM-5PM. See more at

    the blurb from the schedule

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