ET Go Home

This rock doesn’t look much, but it’s actually one of the most interesting pieces of rock you will ever see.

It was given to me as a gift by the Geologist who found it. It’s 500,000,000 years old, and is a piece of Meteor Fragment. Apparently the original rock would have been several miles across when it bounced off the lunar surface prior to entering the Earth’s Atmosphere. So yep, this rock made a pit-stop at the moon !!!

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5 Responses to ET Go Home

  1. MAK says:

    Cool! How big is that thing?

    • stevie says:

      About an inch and a hlff across Mak.

      • AlanC says:

        Wow! Awesome stevie. So our intrepid explorer has been geeting to grips with Macro then eh? LOL. The pic makes it look like a boulder!!!

        • stevie says:

          LOL – Yeah – It does look really big there. And yep on the macro modes. Been getting some serious use outta my camera out here. I have tons of pics I didn’t use on the site as well.

  2. Trekluver says:

    That’s beautiful Stevie. Glad to see your trip is going well!

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