We are a keen group of audio drama fanatics who create podcast and free download stories in audio format.Included in our line up is original fantasy, sci-fi, horror, drama, comedy and fan-works and audio versions of great films (like Planet of the Apes and Logan’s Run)

We are always looking for new members who are interested in getting involved or just hanging out with us and joining the discussion on our various projects.

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  1. Ben Shaw says:


    I have just discovered the hidden gem that is online radio drama. I am a writer, actor, musician and singer. I am very interested in getting involved with a project and am indeed writing my own fantasy radio drama at the moment. I think getting some experience would be fun, valuable and exciting. I have a decent recording microphone and would be glad to contribute my abilities to something.

    Hoping to hear back soon,

    Ben Shaw

  2. Michael May says:

    Hi. I write a column at the New Pulp site and I’d love to interview you about Broken Sea. My column is aimed at people who are just discovering the world of New Pulp, so one of the things I’m doing is profiling New Pulp publishers and talking about what they offer and how they fit into the New Pulp landscape. Would you be interested in answering a few questions about your business and its product?



  3. Murray Kibblewhite says:


    I read the very interesting article in the SundayStar Times of 25-03-12 and congratulate Paul on his success.

    I am looking to have my work – an Eco Thriller – E-Published on Amazon and Nook.

    However, it is necessary to have a bank acount in Americal and I wonder how Paul and others living ouside USA have orgainised this?

  4. Robert Voxen says:


    I am not wary good at writing english but understand it perfect, so please bare with me:-)

    You make realy great audio dramas and If it is ok I want too give a hand with
    I have worked with audioedeting in 12 years on radio and tv, I do not know if you can use my skills too edeting some of your storys ore anything else?

    Please contact me:-)

  5. Kame says:

    Just dropping a line to say I’m airing your audio dramas on my radio show on Sunday nights. I love the Prisoner and was searching about “Shatter Visage” when I came upon it. I was taken aback when I found that not only someone else knew of the comic but had actually taken the time to produce an audio drama of it! Great stuff that I love, and most of all, want to share with my audience.

    • Hi Kame,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m delighted you’re enjoying The Prisoner and I’m honoured you are sharing it with your listeners. That’s made my day. I loved the comic when it came out and almost immediately I felt that the dialogue and story was strong enough to work as a a radio play. Thanks to Brokensea for helping me realise this particular ambition.

      • stevie says:

        And massive thanks to you too Gareth for producing such terrific audio for us. The honour was all ours good bud

  6. Bill Hollweg says:

    Seconded Stevie!

    Love your work on Prisoner Gareth!!

  7. Juanny Choo says:

    Hello! Love your work. I am a big fan of your older recordings. Namely assorted Lovecraft readings. I think they are from Halloween2008, as indicated to the defuncted link at


    Any idea where I can download them again?


  8. Paul Brown says:

    Hi Guys
    Really enjoy your shows. I would like to get involved in some way. I have completed an acting
    course at the local college. Have been in many amdram productions. I have also been a pro radio presenter. I now present a show on our local hospital radio network. Love to play with different voices.
    look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Bill Hollweg says:

    Welcome to to the fun and thank you for the kind words on the shows! Very cool you have done some pro wrestling and the local radio for hospitals!

    Though we accept anyone who just wants to have a bit of fun in the theatre of the mind, or just wants to chat at the yahoo and FB page any experience is always groovy! (Yes I talk like this much to my g-kiddos chagrin….LoL)

    We are always looking for people who want to share the joy and groovy fun of this medium we all have such a blast making!

    One of the easiest ways to keep up with cast calls is our yahoo group-

    or drop a line to our main email addy which we all see- exec@brokensea.com
    or my email is: billhollweg@gmail.com

    Thanks agian for taking the time to post and lending an ear!


  10. I’m exploring the world of online audio drama and found Gaia’s Voyages. Now that I know where you are, I will certainly listen to the other shows here.
    It’s comforting to know that people are passionate enough to produce this sort of entertainment, and not everyone will settle for the desolate wasteland of television.

    Best Wishes,

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