New Audio Thursday – 05/01/12 – “Banana” Thursday …

I hope this post finds you well and that you’re ready to enjoy some great audio!

WoooHooo! The first NAT of 2012! Lots of audio goodness ahead over the coming year, with a few surprises in store too.

General Ursus’ gorilla troops are ready for war in :-

Beneath The Planet of The Apes
Beneath The Planet of the Apes – Episode 7

Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy making ….


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7 Responses to New Audio Thursday – 05/01/12 – “Banana” Thursday …

  1. Bill Hollweg says:

    This was probably one of the more complicated mixes yet- with all the transitions- and keeping the pace flowing and all the different elements going on in the script–
    but a ball to mix!

    Thanks to all who VA’s and all who listen!

    My Simian dreams continue!


  2. Trekluver says:

    Yes! I’ve been looking forward to this for months. Thanks Bill.

    Out of my curiosity, are you planing on adapting more Apes scripts after this one is done?

  3. Bill Hollweg says:

    Indeed I am- alot of the expanded parts/added stuff to the movies wont become fully releasized until all 5 movies are done.

    So simians will be around in audio for along time to come.

    Thanks for the question and thank you for listening- means the world!!


  4. Trekluver says:

    Wow, that’s awesome. As far as expanded stuff, I especially enjoyed the bit a few episodes back with the Alpha and Omega bomb. That was never fully explained in the movies and it was nice to see that thrown in there towards the end.

  5. Bill Hollweg says:

    Appreciate the kind words Trekluver!
    Means the world to hear my friend!

  6. Bill Hollweg says:

    And there’s till more to the Alpha and Omega- just takes a bit to get the extra bits in as it were.

  7. Bill Hollweg says:

    And there’s still more to the Alpha and Omega- just takes a bit to get the extra bits in as it were. Lots more to these realms (at least in my mind/AD) than meets even the Lawgiver’s eye.

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