New Audio Thursday – 24/02/11 – It’s Tall Blue Box Thursday ….

Happy Thursday Hooligans! I hope this post finds you well and that you’re ready to enjoy some great audio!

First up is one of the most anticipated Grand Finale’s! A thousand years is a long time by anyone’s reckoning and even being time’s champion can take its toll :-

Brokensea - Quorum of Time - Part 2
Episode 8 – The Quorum of Time – Part 2

Elizabeth goes face to face with Arbiter in :-
Gaia’s Voyages Episode 10: Part 1 – What Happens in Vegas

And rounding off the new releases, it’s “ESCAPE THURSDAY” in :-
OTR SWAG CAST Season 3 – Episode 6 – Part 1

This week also sees the return of the first 2 seasons of Doctor Who :-

Doctor Who - Season 2
Doctor Who – Season 2

Doctor Who - Season 1
Doctor Who – Season 1

This NAT is dedicated to the legendary Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart), who sadly passed away a couple of days ago. Long may his memory live on through all time and space. We Salute you Brigadier !
Nicholas Courtney - The Brigadier

Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy making ….


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9 Responses to New Audio Thursday – 24/02/11 – It’s Tall Blue Box Thursday ….

  1. Trekluver says:

    Thanks guys! I love your stuff! Thanks for more stuff every week. I have a couple questions: 1: When if ever will Beneath the Planet of the Apes return and 2: Did Darker Projects shutdown or are they on hiatus? Thanks again!

    • stevie says:

      Hiya now,

      Glad U’re enjoying the shows.

      BPOTA has returned. The existing Episodes are already back online, wioth another new Episode due to be released.

      No idea what’s happening at DP, as they’re a seperate group to BSAP. Maybe post the question on their site, otr their Yahoo Group etc.

  2. Michael says:

    I also like your shows. I also have several questions for you.
    1. What happened with the audio books you once had on this site like Metropolis and the Conan related audio books and audio plays?
    2. Why does season 3 of Doctor Who only have eight episodes whereas the two previous seasons had thirteen each?
    In some Doctor Who wiki, there once was an episode list that listed more episodes than the current (up to) Quorum of Time for season three.
    Was this just a mid season two-parter, or is season three concluded and will there be any more Doctor Who from you in this or a fourth season?
    Your links with Darker Projects in season one, episode thirteen and season two, episode one (“Three where the known children of paradise…”)
    Even if your mythology is fictional, I’d like to see that link between time lords and Novachron from Star Trek Defiant and subsequently Star Trek: The Section 31 files explained somewhere, whether in an episode or in written form, like you gave information on beings or places for the original release of your season one is up to you. But I’d really like that one explained.

    • stevie says:

      Hiya Michael,

      Glad U’re enjoying also. In answer to U’re questions :-

      1) We lost the whole site last year due to a site hack. Been busy ever since rebuilding it all. The audio books will be returning soon. We had to pull the plug on the Conan Audio for legal reasons sadly.
      2) Season 3 of Doctor Who is a short Season, with just the 8 Episodes. It was short for many reasons this year. The biggest reason being the afforementioned Site Hack. I produce Dr. Who and am BSAP’s webmaster. So I had to share my time around the site rebuild and my production projects. Maybe the Wiki showed the other releases we put out this year for Dr. Who, like the Behind The Sofa Behind the scenes shows etc. Yep, Season 3 is now concluded. And YES, there very definitely is a Season 4 coming, and a Season 5 as well. Expect big things from Dr. Who. Some more massive events on the cards.
      3) Like that idea on doing Information posts for Dr. Who.

  3. DangerWoman says:

    Dear Brokesea Hooligins:

    Who was this Nicholas Courtney? My Pets and I have NEVER heard of or even seen this person in our heroic lives, until you showed the picture of what he looked like in life.

    When I learned that he passed away, I was stunned and very shocked that he died before his time. And my Danger Force Pets licked the tears off my face and nuzzled me back to recording some practice lines for Season Three of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling, which I hope will start very soon.

    On behalf of Danger Music, my band, The Danger Force and my Danger Force Pets, I would like to offer my condolences and deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Nicholas Courtney.

    Farewell, Nicholas Courtney! May we meet again in the promised land of justice!


  4. John Hall says:

    Many years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing Nicholas Courtney at a science fiction media convention. He embodied the qualities of classy and gracious. As did Robert (Freddy Krueger) Englund, who was on the same bill (back when attendees were as likely to know him from his role as a regular on the original “V” as for the Nightmare on Elm Street). My wife and I had the pleasure of being in the vicinity outside the event rooms when Nicholas and Robert encountered each other. I think Robert had a cast on or some such, and Nicholas’s first words were to ask how Robert was doing. It was a time when such guests and such conventions were more frequent and more manageable in size than they have become, and the tone of the pro/fan interaction was always friendly, not status-conscious, and designed to make you even more happy that you were all playing in a shared universe.

    The closest thing to that kind of feeling I’ve seen in many years revolves around Feedback: A Hero’s Calling — here on the glorious Broken Sea site — and on the allied fan web site for Tech Support, the Feedback fans, as well as at the convention appearances of the other alumni of Who Wants to Be a Super-Hero.

    Putting two distinct items together…Nicholas Courtney embodied the finest tradition of the British side of science hero fiction. There was reportedly a third season of Who Wants to Be a Super-Hero that was shown only in the U.K. and involved only children as contestants. What might it take for one or two of the finalists on that show to appear as guests on Feedback: A Hero’s Calling, or even better on its spin-off show, Beta Flight, where allied heroes in training are featured, and a global outreach would make perfect sense.

    — John Hall

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