Web-Site – A Quick Update – 22/12/10

Hiya Folks,

As you’ll all of hopefully of noticed, more and more of our back catalogue is coming back online, following the site hack. I’ve been aiming at bringing 2 shows back per week, many of which with bonus previously unreleased material.

At this stage, only the current season of each of our ongoing shows is online. As soon as all the shows are back up with their respective pages online, I’ll be adding the previous seasons of series such as Doctor Who, Jake Sampson, and Maudelayne.

It’s been a long road to get this far, with quite a bit of work yet to do. Thank You All (THE greatest Audio Hooligans on Planet Earth!) for the endless support, and boundless enthusiasm for what we do at BrokenSea.

Hope you’re all approving of the new page designs BTW.


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7 Responses to Web-Site – A Quick Update – 22/12/10

  1. bill hollweg says:

    You ROCK STEVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. John Hall says:

    Stevie — Your graciousness toward us, your grateful and supportive audience, should not be allowed to distract from the huge accomplishment you have achieved and are achieving in first creating this unsurpassed compendium of original fantasy entertainment and second restoring it to glory after the cowardly and despicable hack attack by the still-unnamed Osama of the airwaves.

    Considering what remains to be done, you don’t need any additional New Year’s resolutions (which many of us in the U.S. create, whatever the habits may be in the other centers of the Broken Sea empire), but here is one: Take a moment each week to glory in what you have wrought and the pleasure you bring each day to untold thousands (millions?)!

    — John Hall

  3. Py says:

    Speakingfor the visually challenged and since you asked, actually the old websight design was easier in general, although I appreciate this design is better for accessing archeived material.

    Problem is the text, a thin hard to see font that is grey on a white background, very difficult to see and read. Similarly trying to find it to get a speech system to read it for selecting for speech, or to copy/paste to a word processor for reading is likewise difficult.

    As well as the fact that for some reason I can only get the speech system to read one paragraph, or sometimes one sentence or part of a sentence, before moving to the next. This last problem is a minor anoyance compared to justfinding the text.

    The old site had fat white text on black background, a much better color scheme. Dark black or navyblue, and a bit fatter and not that pencil thin font would be a lot easier to read for anyone with vision problems.


  4. A.W. Eizen says:

    I just found BrokenSea and am very impressed with with the volume and quality of material here, out of curiousity, how much damage did the moronic hacker do and are you still repairing the site and contents? I’m curious to know how much may still be missing.

    Hopefully no one ever hacks the site again, hacking a cool site like this makes no sense, after all, you are just trying to entertain the world, and doing a great job if my opinion matters! 🙂

    The only suggestions I have concerning the site layout is changing the background to a darker shade, the light shades (white spaces) in the main sections are a bit eye straining. And the menu system on the right is a bit confusing, if cool, (I actually like the Album cover buttons) the option of a pull down menu to make finding shows (the basic menu already exists, just needs a little modification to add a new entry) a lot easier.

    Thank you all for your hard work, BrokenSea has some of the best vocal talent I’ve run across!

    And Stevie, nice work on the site as well as on the shows.

    • stevie says:


      And of course, thank U so much for U’re kind words. Very much appreciated.

      Basically we lost the entire Site, as every page, and every SQL table became infected with a virus. Pretty much everything is already back up and back online again now tho, apart from 2 Halloween seasons, and some early Episodes of OTR Swagcast.

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