New Audio Thursday 22/09/2010

Welcome to the NEW, New Audio Thursday my fellow Hooligans!

You’ve waited long enough. You’ve been patient, and supportive and we can tell you how much it means to us that so many of you contacted us not only to tell us about the initial hack of our site, but to tell us that you’re still out there waiting for our return and for new episodes of your favorite shows. This not only marks the return of NAT, but also my return behind the scenes as your weekly Hooligan of Audio Goodies.  I can’t thank Stevie enough for all of the hard work he has put in over the last year taking on this job. He deserves many, many pints of Guinness for his effort. Make sure you send him some in thanks!

Without further adieu, we have new episodes from four shows for your listening pleasure:

Doctor Who: Mechalution

Jake Sampson: “The Gods of War” Episode 2

Maudelayne: Hanging by a Thread

OTR Swagcast

We thank you again for your support and we hope you enjoy our shows and spread the audio!


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13 Responses to New Audio Thursday 22/09/2010

  1. Michael says:

    OK, I tried downloading Maudelayne (which is a great program, by the way) through the dreaded i of Tunes, and I clicked “subscribe” (this at work), but it downloaded into a completely different folder – instead of “BrokenSea Audio: Maudelayne,” it went into a folder called “Maudelayne.” Is this part of the change?

    • dsobkowiak says:

      That is a by product of the new site installation. Apologies for that. There are a few tweaks that we still have to work out and even some that we have yet to discover. I hope it’s not too much of an inconvenience! Thanks for listening!

  2. Ron Watson says:

    I’m happy that you guys and gals are back up and running. Itunes tried downloaded but, kept shutting down around the 35.7 MB mark. Something is up. Thanks for all the hard work you all do!

  3. Sailor Ray says:

    Wonderful news. Stevie thank you for your perseverance. Please feel free to hammer whoever’s cajones for causing this distress in the first place. If you don’t know then God does and he will do a much better job. LOL

  4. John Hall says:

    Congratulations on getting several of your series back up where they should be. Can I assume that the other series — I’m interested in Feedback: A Hero’s Calling, Beta Flight, and Feedback Conversations — will be up very soon??!! — John Hall

  5. DangerWoman says:

    Dear Everyone at Brokensea:

    I am so glad that things are very back to normal at Brokensea.

    I was very concerned that the bad guys, especially Deathmatch, would mock us, after the recent events that had transpired over this past summer.

    But, if I know Feedback and everyone here at Brokensea, I know now that justice has been served and that now, we can all move forward to finishing the Season Two Finale Story Arc, A Work In Progress, in which I am really looking forward to the final chapter of this story arc, in which my pets and I are very honored to be a very special part of this storyline.

    ARRGH! My Danger Sense is warning me that something will be happening real soon with Season Three.
    I wish I could reveal what it is, but somehow, I am getting some strange mental block that is preventing me from telling this information.

    I hate it when I get these mental blocks, dear fans, but they are there to protect me from being harmed by the villians who would try to make me reveal things under hypnotic duress.

    However, I will tell you that I have a new song, that I have done, that would be worthy of being on the show, which I wrote.

    It is called “Fight Back, Feedback” and it is my way of helping America’s Favorite Superhero fight back against that big bully, Deathmatch, who is always causing some serious messy situations.

    I will tell you that I know what to say to this big bully:

    You won’t get away with this, Deathmatch!
    Feedback is going to fix your wagon, if any harm comes to me or my heroic pets!

    And I know what to do and say, in case Deathmatch tries to hurt me:

    I would say this line, using my telepathic powers, hoping that Feedback would hear it.

    And if he did, he would come to the rescue, thanks to my heroic pets, who would also explain to him what is going on, using pictures and the sad eyes, which are oh so cute!

    Trembling timechecks!

    My Danger Sense tells me that this very brave karaoke crimefighter has to GO TO BED!

    But, DO NOT be sad, Brokensea Fans!

    You will hear from me again very soon, in the final part of the Season Two Finale Story Arc, A Work In Progress, Conclusion!

    Until we meet on the net, GAME ON!

    Yours In The Fight For Justice,

    • John Hall says:

      For those fans of Broken Sea (may their numbers increase) who have not previously discovered the narrative joys of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling, you know have multiple examples of the loons — your kind of people! — who have already discovered FAHC. You have Danger Woman, a song-writing pet-loving heroic-alter-ego-flaunting individual of great passions and direct participation in the shows, and you have me, a pet-avoiding (allergies), no-alter-ego-flaunting (though who knows who I may be in the dark of night?), outsider to the production (though I sometimes fancy myself as a Morgan Stark, Iron Man’s evil cousin kind of voice) who is also a song-writer (my adaptation of the classic Pac-Man Fever as Feedback Fever can be found on the comment chains of previous episodes once we are restored to nominal order). If people as different (?!) as DW and I can both be fans (in the sense of the root word, “fanatic”) of this “new classic” series Feedback, how can any of you within the “sound” of my e-mail “voice” resist its charms? Let us all unite to make the relaunch of Feedback into the inspiration for a great increase in audience and buzz. Game on! — John Hall

      • DangerWoman says:

        Dear John Hall:

        I am not only a fan, I am also a very real heroic ally to Feedback.

        Not only that, my Danger Force Pets, Danny Boy, The Fabio Swiss Collie, Bart The Kitten, Purrecious The Kitten and The Pups, Banjo, Barkley, Cassie, Baby Jewel and Little Max, are also heroic allies to Feedback as well, being that in case I got into a messy situation, they would tell our hero what is going on, using their body language and pictures.

        By the way, I know that you have very strong hypnosis powers, in which I would say:



        Anyway, I am very looking forward to finishing out Season Two and preparing for Season Three.

        Until we meet on the net, GAME ON!

        Yours In The Fight For Justice,

  6. Gurufus says:

    Thanks for your hard work. It’s good to see you back.

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